Accessible Images

To meet the accessibility standard, images must have text alternatives that describe the information or function represented by the images.


There must be accompanying alternative (ALT) text for every image entered.


ALT text is read by screen readers in place of the image for visually impaired users. It is also displayed for all users if the image cannot load


  • The text must be descriptive of the image in the context of the page
  • ALT text should not go over 150 characters


students cheering at a sport event

This image is chosen to convey:

  • Diverse student body
  • Youthful energy
  • School spirit
  • Big campus feel

Good ALT text

Hundreds of diverse students cheering on the Lions as they score the winning basket.

Bad ALT text

People at a sport game

Charts and Images Containing Text

Avoid images composed mostly or entirely of text. If this is unavoidable, you must add the information contained in the image to the ALT text. Similarly, for charts and graphs, write out all information conveyed in the image, chart, or graph in the body text beneath it. It is acceptable to anchor down the page to this information if it disrupts the narrative, i.e., well exceeds 150 characters.


Bar chart about favorite type of movie: 4 people are comedy, 5 people are action, 6 people are romance, 1 person is drama, 4 people are scifi.